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It is our aspiration to make your stay with us as comfortable and easy as possible. Our many services include for example a wide range of national and international magazines, a selection of cold and hot beverages as well as Wi-Fi in the waiting areas. Appointments and well coordinated processes help to avoid waiting times. Our consultation hours are set up in a way that you will be able to bring in line your medical appointments and your professional commitment.

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Consultation hours:

By individual appointment

For our international patients we offer comprehensive support during the organization of your stay.

Zentrum /  Innere Medizin / Fünf Höfe

München Medizin GmbH
Fünf Höfe, Salvatorpassage, Theatinerstraße 15
80333 München

E: kontakt@zim-fuenf-hoefe.de
P: +49 (0)89 / 44 388 92 00
F: +49 (0)89 / 44 388 92 10


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